The best technique to Teach property valuation Like A Pro

And they’ll also then I found always make sure and that you’ve got a pen a calculator paper and you know he those four things with you access to the Internet ideally said you can be talking while you chat with someone so you can check and see Property Valuation Sydney only I can actually see your house or might need now yes oh isn’t it lovely oh well that’s why I do need to come and see it that that so think listen

very carefully to what end is saying is that situation at listening more than we talk and which is really important nice will incur reaches people to open up to us and and and you know when and the more they open up the more and more they can to share withes as Welland so we want to obtain as much information as we possibly can from the senate’s number this waste the pics all help sis to get the big picture the overall situation and sometimes we will need to call the bend back is really

just saying but always do always do what you say you going to do said become very known you to them for being reliable and sometimes vendors will say to swell how much you can look for how much you knockdown yes sometimes you have to just back lanes that will yeah I’m not gonna yet on look and feel pressurized by their you know in your head so you just say to that end look with respect I haven’t seen the property Haven’t met you yet called make an offer on the telephone a.m.that would be a bit like trying to cut your hair like to tell if I’m so I’m not gonna do that that wouldn’t be professional and if it did make an offer on the phone

you know you can’t rely on that is clearly I need to see your property but probably need to send a set by around anyways that I think the best thing is you know that I pop along and say you what suits you best eat Tuesday or Thursdays you may have heard me talking on the negotiation.

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