The Pros Use To Promote Melbourne Property Valuation

But one is giving his heart’s not given our balance sheet information is not given assuming it slow and then we’re going to but going which is a high hearing well I should say you should not be happy now it Property Valuations Melbourne should not be happy its assets story so it shouldn’t be happy what if its place well it let’s say worst case situation now if he tries having low business and financial risk it moving.

Into a high basic risk conglomerate that big I mean by the way a compliment shouldn’t have a high-risk you but it I’m just giving you in a worst-case situation so if there are any trust low and high moving from allow to a high area then you should not be happy yeah should not be happy now of course you can’t roll this thinks an exam you got to put it in words is that you have to make sure you put it in I’m just making it that you can remember in your exams this drawings drawings makes people remember.

Better okay ism getting risk that we can talk about dividend policy dividend policy well if the only trust having generous generous dividend policy and if the money is having less generous dividend policy then I think you’re moving from generous dividend policy to a less generous dividend policy funny trash elders may not be happy exactly are they.

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