Things You Should Do In Valuation

Of the people you know have told you things that you just don’t agree with after and you know haven’t spoken with our peoples be careful taking one person’s words the gospel that’s for sure now abetter way i think is to actually meet the agents in person if you can so if you can go to a lot of open homes just strike up that conversation with the agent you know talk to him about everything talk to them about what you’re looking for told them you’re inactive buyer and tell them that you know.

This is what I’m looking for have you got anything coming up can you keep man the loop often they’ll add you to their mailing list everything like that ideally you know they’d call you but realistically a lot of them are getting lot of calls especially if you’re looking at a somewhat of an investigatory so they’re probably not going to call you when something comes online you’re probably.

Are going to have to chase them but build those relationship sand over time you know those are thrones that can really give you the you know bear fruit for you in the long run now the reason I say that you want to mention that you’ve got finance in place you know that your deposits already and that you’re ready to do a quick Property Valuation Sydney transaction is because it’s much easier for a for a vendor and a real estate agent to deal.

with investor who’s just happy to do the train action because the numbers line up as opposed to some family unit that’s going to want to go and see the place three or four times you know make sure the parties and involve it or in love.

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